As observations of dermatologists show, bed bugs more often attack children and women, because their skin is so tender. Besides, it has been also noticed that bed bug bites appear on the skin of nonsmokers. When people face the bed bugs, the first thing which worries them so much is how to get rid of bed bug bites. The thing is that this is not a question of a few red tiny spots on your skin. Bed bug bites can take impressive development when a person can neither be among people (bed bugs bites look so disgusting) nor sleep.

The parts of your body that are the tastiest for bed bugs

Taking into account that bed bugs are night creatures, they attack people at night. So all open parts of the body are targeted places for bed bug bite. A face, neck, back, arms and legs are the most favorite places for bed bugs. Some people like to sleep naked, so in this case the whole body will suffer from bed bugs bites. One bite of bed bug can last up to 15 minutes and they drink nearly 10 micro liters of blood. Those bed bugs which are really hungry can attack even when artificial light is turned on.


How long do bed bug bites last?

The reaction on the bed bug bites depends on the peculiarities of an individual. Some people can have no reaction at all, while others who are quit sensitive can have an allergic reaction, which causes extreme itch, even after a few bites. Usually, the bites of bed bugs appear in a few hours. But there also can be accidents, when an eruption is not noticeable since a few days and even week, everything depends on the organism and individuality of a person.

As a rule, bed bug bites last two or three days, and then start to coming off slowly. However, the eruption can last for much longer if a person susceptible to allergy, so to cure the eruption completely medical intervention will be required.


Bed bug bites treatment

So if you are not highly allergic individual, you can get rid of bed bug bites if following such advices:

  • In order to ease the reaction caused by the bite of bed bug quickly it is recommended to treat the place of the bite with hot running water for nearly a minute – this will minimize inflammation
  • If you have no medicines there is a simple way of how you can ease your pain. Spread an alcohol, soda solution and put some ice on bed bug bites. An iodine can be of a great use also
  •  These days one of the most widespread and effective methods of how to get rid of bed bug bites is a tea tree oil. This sort of oil belongs to the strong oils, made from steam distillation from Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves. This is really magic oil, as it is used in various medicinal aims such as healing of cuts, burns, bites and infections. The privilege of the tea tree oil is that it has both antiseptic and antifungal characteristics. But be aware of one more feature: the tea tree oil can cause the change of level of hormones
  • If you have an unbelievable itch, then you need to use ammonia. Most people have ammonia at home, so it can be of great use for easing itch. Just put some drops of ammonia on the cotton wool and hold on the place of the bite for a couple of minutes. The result is not immediate of course, but it really helps later
  • One more way out is Calamine lotion. This preparation is recognized to be helpful for this problem. This is a pink lotion and should be used regularly. Its effect is evident: it dries red bumps and stops itch
  • Unlikely an ointment with hydrocortisone can happen to be in your home first-aid outfit. But this ointment can be found in any drugstore. After using it you will see that itch and eruption will finally disappear
  • The bites of bed bugs are so outrageous; you can’t even sleep at night! But there is the key to this problem also. In this case you can use certain repellents against the bugs. You can find special repellent aimed to help you to get rid of the bed bug bites. It has a relaxing aroma of lavender and amazing effect of usage which is 99, 6 %! It brings positive effect only 6-8 hours after putting it on the bite. This gives you an opportunity to fall asleep and wake up with no bites at all.


No more bed bugs bites

Recommendations described below do really work. But after easing your infection, proceed to the reason of your bites. The fact is that even if you have already started medical treatment there won’t be any effect as the bed bugs are still alive. You need to examine your house thoroughly and get in touch with the experts in this field. As an alternative you can use an independent approach: preventive measures will help. Wash all the bedding and clothes in the hot water, vacuum carpets, walls, and all possible cracks. Sometimes you have to throw your mattress and pillow. In case you can not deal with this problem yourself, better ask for professional help. They will make it quicker and give professional advices on how to get rid of bed bug bites in future and share with you valuable information.